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In the era of the industrial revolution 4.0, the competitiveness of a nation is no longer determined by the abundance of natural resources and cheap labor, but rather is determined by technological innovation and the use of knowledge, or a combination of both. The ability to produce, choose, adapt, commercialize and use knowledge is very important for the sustainability of industrial growth. Indonesia as a country with abundant natural resources is famous as one of the seven mega-biodiversity countries. This abundant potential of local resources has not been utilized optimally to improve the competitiveness of the industrial sector and improve economic welfare so it needs to be supported by technological innovation and research.

Institute for Research and Standardization of Industry Padang (Baristand Industri Padang) is a technical implementation unit attached to The Agency for Industrial Research and Development (BPPI), Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia, which has the task of carrying out research and standardization and certification in the industrial field. Baristand Industri Padang has the function of carrying out research and development of industrial technology in the fields of raw materials, auxiliary materials, processes, equipment / machinery, and product results as well as the control of industrial pollution. Various research and development and engineering activities have been carried out by Baristand Industri Padang to increase productivity and competitiveness in the field of agriculture-based industries, processed gambier products and other local potential resources.

Seminar Nasional I Baristand Industri Padang (Semnas I BIPD) on 11 November 2020, is organized by Baristand Industri Padang as a forum to exchange information about developments achieved in industrial technology in order to increase the application of a technological innovation of research results to the industrial world. The theme of Semnas I BIPD is "Development of Local Resource Potential in Increasing Competitiveness and Supporting Industry 4.0". Topic areas include, but not limited to:  (1) Post Harvest Technology, (2) Food, (3) Chemistry, (4) Pharmacy and Cosmetics, (5) Biology, (6) Industry and Engineering, and (7) Environment. All accepted and selected papers after extension and modification will be published in Global Conferences Index Proceeding indexed by Google Scholar, Crossref and Garuda. Due to COVID-19 pandemic, Semnas I BIPD will be conducted virtually via Zoom (Online Conference).


Important Dates
October 10, 2020

Abstract Submission Deadline

October 14, 2020

Abstract Acceptance 

November 8, 2020

Full Paper Submission Deadline

November 11, 2020

Conference Day

Submission of Abstract and Full Paper

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Conference Venue
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, SemNas I BIPD will be conducted virtually (Online Conference)
Publication and Indexing

All accepted and selected papers after extension and modification will be published in Global Conferences Index Proceeding. All articles of this proceeding are submitted for indexing in Scholar Google, Microsoft Academic and Crossref.  Optionally we also submit to Jurnal Litbang Industri.